Congress Goes After the Environment

The Anti-Environment Congress

By Michael Kelly

Stopping the Department of Agriculture from making preparations to protect citizens from the impacts of Climate Change.  Stopping EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers from restoring protections in the Clean Water Act.  Ordering the CA Bureau of Reclamation to permanently maintain the San Joaqiun River in it’s current degraded state.  Limiting the Department of Homeland Security from considering climate change as it plans, and designs recovery plans, for natural disasters.  Curtailing your right to participate in the management of public lands. 

Those are a few of the riders and amendments that have been proposed and attached to appropriations bills by this Congress.  And that’s only the first four pages.  Clean Water Action and our partners are tracking all of the anti-environment proposals that are making their way through Congress.  We’ve put together a seventeen page document.  The breadth of the assault on the environment by this Congress is staggering.

H.R. 2018 (the Bad Water Bill) has been the story of the summer because it‘s a blatant attempt to reverse 40 years of progress.  Our water will be less safe if H.R.2018 becomes law.  But it’s not the only assault on the environment this year.

Everything is up for debate.  The EPA would have a harder regulating coal ash, grey wolves could be delisted from the Endangered Species list (while making it more difficult to add wildlife to that list), and pesticides applicators would be able to spray toxic chemicals directly into our waterways.  This Congress doesn’t care about the environment and health

This Congress also seems to have an issue with science.  It’s a sentiment best captured by this: Mountaintop removal mining would be shielded from EPA review if a rider to the Interior and Environment Appropriations Act (H.R. 2584) is approved.  Which I guess is ok because, as Rep Issa (R-CA) said recently, “you can blow off the top of the mountain and it’s not necessarily forever because it grows back.”

It’s time to fight back.  Tell your legislator what you think of this anti-environment Congress.

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