Shopping Frenzy

by Jonathan A. Scott, Clean Water Action’s Director of Corporate Relations, on twitter @jscottnh

By now, you and everyone else online, has been buried in shopping promotions. Here are my personal tips, as someone who’s been part of Clean Water Action for more than 30 years:JonMeme

  1. Shop smarter, greener. Whenever possible, I try to buy local, from people and businesses in my community. I rely on Fair Trade and Organic certification to help make sure my purchases are better for people and the planet. Or, and this is a radical idea, I don’t buy anything at all.
  2. Make your online purchases count. Our partners at have a great app that works automatically with your internet browser to generate micro-donations that really add up for Clean Water Action (at no cost to you). With hundreds of thousands of users, those donations really add up. Join them by following these easy steps.
  3. Sign up and help us win. A new sweepstakes from offers you the chance to win a $500 travel voucher to fly anywhere this holiday season and other great prizes including big cash $$. If you win Clean Water Action wins a donation too. Enter here, and get additional chances to win with the online shopping app and by sharing with friends.
  4. Shortcut to savings. has curated a great collection of Black Friday and CyberMonday savings. This link takes you direct to online Black Friday deals where your purchases benefit Clean Water Action. Cyber Monday deals for online purchases via this link (which goes live on Monday) will also benefit Clean Water Action. If you’re going to be buying online anyway, why not do it to help our great cause.

Remember, the choices you make about what, when, where, how and whether to buy something at all can have great impact for good. We know you will choose wisely.

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Thank you!

By Bob Wendelgass, President and CEO – On Twitter @BWendelgass

This week we gather with family and friends to give thanks and reflect on the past year. As I think about 2015, I am full of gratitude for Clean Water Action members. And I am amazed at what we have accomplished.

With Clean Water Action members leading the way, we won big for our water and communities.  From fighting for new protections for streams and wetlands, the sources of drinking water for so many, to ending coal plants’ free pass to dump waste into lakes and rivers, Clean Water Action members answer the call and make the critical difference.

Thank you.

Thank you video

Thank you!

Without members like you, we couldn’t win the fight for our water and our communities. We have a lot more to do and we’ll need you to stick with us. I know you will.

Thank you from everyone at Clean Water Action and have a happy, restful Holiday.

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Campaigning for Environmental Justice

By Alyssa Bradley, Montclair Field Canvass Manager, Clean Water Action. Follow @CleanWaterNJ on twitter to keep up with our campaigns in New Jersey!

You can’t fight City Hall. We’ll never make a difference. The government doesn’t care about us. Our voice isn’t strong enough.

There are times in environmental battles when communities can start to feel this way. However, community organizing can play a critical role in bringing people together to rise up and make a difference. That’s why I’m proud to be a community organizer with Clean Water Action.

This past weekend, I had an incredible opportunity to work with activists in Staten Island who – like other seaport residents across the nation – are fighting for their health and environmental justice. You can read more about this in a recent Washington Post article which features Clean Water Action’s environmental justice organizer Kim Gaddy. Read more…

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A Clean Water Tale of Two Senators

By Steve Hvozdovich, Pennsylvania Campaigns Coordinator, Follow on Twitter

WOTUS PA ImpactIt’s sad that despite broad national support for the Clean Water Rule, Congress seems intent on ignoring their constituents while protecting polluters by attempting to block commonsense protections for our water.

First, Congress tried to pass a bill (S. 1140) that would have forced the Administration to start the rule making process over. Thankfully, the bill failed to move forward. This legislation would have been a waste of time and taxpayer money and it would have guaranteed less public participation and protection for our water.

A day after failing to advance S.1140, the Senate passed a resolution (S.J. Res. 22) to permanently block these protections and bar the Administration from proposing similar protections in the future. This resolution impedes commonsense protections for our water, is a massive giveaway to polluters, and codifies the confusing status quo, leaving the sources of drinking water for millions permanently at risk. Thankfully, the White House has already threatened to veto this legislation.

When it comes to clean water protections, Pennsylvania has a tale of two United States Senators. Legislation to derail protections continues to be supported by Senator Pat Toomey. Fortunately, Pennsylvania also has an environmental champion who has been willing to stand up in support of protections for clean water – United States Senator Bob Casey.

As one of the more than 800,000 Americans who voiced support for the Clean Water Rule, I’d like to thank Senator Casey you for standing up for these important restored protections for streams, lakes, wetlands and other vital water resources. On the other hand, I’m extremely disappointed with Sen. Toomey’s constant efforts to block and kill commonsense protections for the drinking water sources of most Pennsylvanians.

With more attacks likely on the way, our elected officials will be given further opportunities to show where they stand. Isn’t it about time that Congress started working in a bipartisan manner to strengthen our nation’s efforts to protect water, instead of gutting them? Hopefully going forward Pennsylvanians can count on BOTH Senator Toomey and Senator Casey to stop all attempts to block and weaken the Clean Water Rule and oppose any future policy riders in spending bills that would undermine its protections. Tell Sen. Toomey and his colleagues to stop playing political games with your clean water today – click here to take action.

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Two High School Freshmen Testify Wryly Before Joint Committee on Carbon Pricing in Massachusetts

By Amanda Sebert & Cindy Luppi.  Follow the Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future on twitter & facebook.

While testifying before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy during a hearing on proposed carbon pricing legislation, two Somerville, High School students – Max Nadeau and Tristan Brown-Vazquez – used humor to expose the legislation’s opponents. Take a minute to watch their hilarious, but starkly serious, testimony.

Read more…

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