Americans Speak on Clean Water (Part 2)

By Phil Dimotsis, Organizer. Follow Phil on Twitter (@PhiluptuousD)

Yesterday I shared with you just a few of the passionate words that people from across the nation had to say about the fight to protect clean water. There were too many, and too many good letters, not to share more.

“From an informed laymen’s perspective the goals of the Clean Water Act in 1972 have been largely missed. Now 29 years behind schedule, what should have been a downhill battle is turning into an uphill battle. I’d like to see the Clean Water Act’s 1972 goals actualized.” – a concerned citizen

“Are more words really needed? Any sane, responsible, and self-aware person knows the critical importance of clean water. Please improve and strengthen the Clean Water Act.” – a certified shorthand reporter

“I am old enough to remember when my father would go out to a stream in the country, throw a line, and catch catfish for our dinner. Now those same streams are so polluted that the fish are not safe for humans to eat. I hope that my grandchildren might someday be able to fish in those streams again. Your action is essential if that hope is to be realized.” – a concerned mother

“Water is important because we drink that water and it needs to be clean. If it gets worse, we won’t have enough water for everybody.” – a quote from a concerned mother’s nine year-old daughter

“Clean water is vital to every living thing on this entire planet. This is probably not news to anyone but it seems as though it is taken for granted by everyone. It seems as though the stewardship of our waters has given way to special interest and lobbyists. We should all care that we our children may one day live in a world where a gallon of water costs more than a gallon of gasoline. It is absolutely a worthwhile effort to keep our waters clean.”

“I am concerned that the constant development of open spaces (the ones that filter our water, keeping it free of pesticides and chemicals like benzene) will lead to higher incidences of cancer in New Jersey communities. With the implementation of socialized medicine, costs to the government and taxpayer may increase to say nothing of the many families that will suffer as water continues to get polluted unnecessarily. Is my America going to continue leading the world in pollution by developed nations?” – a concerned citizen

“No waterway is unimportant, since every one can affect our larger ecology. For clean water today and in the future, we must act now.” – concerned citizen

“Clean water is amazing. It helps us live every day. We appreciate all our clean water. So let’s give a round of applause to lakes, rivers, and streams.” – written by a concerned man’s young daughter

“This is not a democrat or republican issue, it should not be political; this act is intended for the good of everyone. Please give this your immediate attention and protect our nation’s vital water resources.”

“Having clean drinking water is not just an issue only faced by struggling third world countries, but we face these same issues in our own backyard, in the greatest country in the world. I plead with you to keep the Clean Water Act strong…”

“We are heavily dependent on the revenue generated by tourism on the largest lake in our town. Without clean water to feed our lake, the local economy would be severely negatively impacted.” – a concerned woman’s words that reflect the sentiment of many letters I read.

“I enjoy the small pleasures in life – including, but not limited to: fishing in lakes and streams, walking along the local reservoir, and enjoying a glass of clean water from my tap. In order to enjoy these activities, I rely on the integrity of my elected officials and government to protect my interests. My generation is armed with more science than ever before that proves resoundingly that all of our nation’s rivers, lakes, and bays are protected only when we protect the smallest but vitally connected streams and wetlands.” – a concerned future-father

The average person that we talk to knows just as much about the conclusions experts come to on the importance of our water resources. Their stories echo just a sample of the millions of other people’s stories that exist in support of these protections. We have only a few chances in a decade, in a generation, or even in a lifetime to take the kind of action necessary for our natural environment, for our recreation, for our economy, for our social equity, and of course for our drinking water – so take a moment to take action HERE, if you haven’t already.


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Congress’ Dirty Water Caucus: How do we combat stupid?

by Jonathan A. Scott, on Twitter @jscottnh

Following Tuesday’s US House vote to pass the ROPA Dirty Water bill (HR 5078, approved 262-152) we published this infographic on Clean Water Action’s Twitter and Facebook accounts:

ROPA graph postWe also published a link to information on how individual House Members voted (

One concerned/angry Clean Water Action supporter on Facebook commented, “How do we combat stupid.” Read more…

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“For clean water today and in the future, we must act now.” Americans Speak on Clean Water (Part 1)

By Phil Dimotsis, Organizer. Follow Phil on Twitter (@PhiluptuousD)

Letters for clean water

Letters for clean water

Ed. Note: This is Part 1 of 2. See part 2 here.

Our grassroots canvass teams, the lifeblood of our work, have so far collected nearly 40,000 hand-written comments to EPA supporting their common sense rulemaking to restore the Clean Water Act. That’s astounding – nearly 40,000 parents, grandparents, children, recreationalists, home owners, farmers, educators, concerned citizens, and thousands alike have taken precious time out of their day to participate in their community to make sure our government continues to do right by us.

I’ve had the privilege to read and sort through many of these letters, notes, and drawings from across the nation and I must admit – to see such broad public support not only makes me happy as a clam, but also empowers those at EPA who are attempting to do the right thing and restore fundamental protections for streams, rivers, lakes, bays, and drinking water sources.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some particularly poignant and simply stated pieces of these letters to EPA, which struck a chord in me – because as one man writes, these protections are “a no brainer.” Read more…

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Who Cares About Clean Water?

By Susan Eastwood – follow Susan on Twitter – @SCEastwood

I live in Ashford, a town of around 4500 people that is 80% forested. We are truly rural.

The Mount Hope River runs through our backwoods and the head waters are just a mile or two to the North. As I sit on my deck this morning, I notice the mountain laurel has burst into bloom overnight. If you listen, you can hear the river running over the rocks in the hollow below – the headwaters are just to the North of our property.

Who cares about clean water? I do! Read more…

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Clean vs Dirty: why won’t the US House get it?

By Jonathan A. Scott, follow Jon on Twitter – @jscottnh

Today the U.S. House is engaged in all-out debate on the merits of yet another bad bill that is all too likely to pass along party lines. Backed by a long list of outfits I sure wouldn’t trust to protect my water (Big Ag, Dirty Coal, the Fertilizer Institute, National Mining Assoc. & the American Petroleum Institute, the National Pork Producers Council, the International Council of Shopping Centers, National Cattleman’s Beef Association, the Treated Wood Council and of course the US Chamber of Commerce and the Farm Bureau (chosen by polluters as the public face for this dirty water campaign), this House bill would block EPA from protecting our water, including drinking water sources for 1 in 3 Americans.

When Dirty Water measures like this prevail everybody loses except for an elite few. That’s why we sometimes say “We Can’t All Live Downstream.” Read more…

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